Every time we have gotten frustrated with the process she has come through and smoothed out the rough edges and made the process fun.

She has an extraordinary way with people and solving problems. Most people run from problems and her confronts and resolves problems.

We highly commend her services!

Sam & Donna Barrow


About HDA

If you just purchased your dream home or investment property in the Mayan Riviera, but you don't speak the language and do not have the time to travel to Mexico several times just to deal with the complex physical delivery procedures,  we are here to help!

All you need to do is sit back comfortably in your chair meanwhile we'll be dealing with the home inspection for you.


How does the delivery work in Mexico?

As the government and its procedures are still bureaucratic in Mexico, sometimes to get the legal closing on a unit in a new development can be several months after it has been completed. For this reason, most Real Estate companies proceed first with a physical delivery, which allows you to use the unit to live in it or rent it while waiting for the signature of the deed.

If you purchased your home on pre-sale or pre-construction, most likely you will be facing the above situation.


However, if you purchased an already-built home at the time of the sales agreement, you might be able to arrange the physical and legal delivery at the same time.

How do we work and what are our services?

We would like to offer our services to perform a walk-through inspection of your unit once the Real Estate (RE) company sends the official notice that allows you to arrange the visit.


  • During this inspection, we will check all visible details of the unit such as paint, lights, outlets, scratches, fissures, cracks, humidity and leaks, etc.


  • We will make sure that all included appliances are operating properly and are brand new.


  • We will note every discrepancy in a spreadsheet.


  • We will also present to you photographic and video evidence which will be sent to you after the walkthrough. Our team of experts knows exactly what to look for to achieve successful completion.


  • Once the RE company informs you and us, that the needed corrections have been completed, we'll do a second walkthrough in order to make sure that all issues have been resolved to our satisfaction. This will be the second time you will receive a report from us (documentary with pictures and videos).


  • Once the unit is in perfect condition you will receive our recommendation to go ahead with it´s physical reception.


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