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  • Single functionality inspection:       includes a single visit to the unit, with a written report of the checklist, pictures of the found details, and general pictures plus video.

  • Functionality inspection package:      includes the ¨Single functionality isnpcetion¨ plus a follow-up inspection based on the confirmed date by the developer. On both occasions, you will receive written reports, pictures, and a general video.

  • Hidden vice inspection:                includes 2 visits to the unit, with a written report and pictures of the found details, and a general video. (The first visit is an independent visit, and the report will be sent both to you and to the developer; the second one is coordinated with the developer´s representative.)

  • Pre-purchase inspection:               includes a single visit to the unit, with a full evaluation report and maintenance recommendations.        

  • Follow-up inspections:                    any additional visits 

  • Owner´s assistance:                    if you will be present for the delivery of your unit, but are not sure, how and where to look for imperfections, we will accompany you and assist you through the process. (no reports included)


  • closing assistance (directly with a local notary)

  • legal assistance (through well-named legal firms)​

  • migratory paperwork arrangements
  • interior design and turnkey services

  • mosquito screens and window films

  • construction and remodeling

  • solar panel installation

  • hurricane shutters

  • temporary unit administration (cleaning and ventilation)

Please contact us for a personalized quote based on the location and size of your unit.

Needed paperwork

In order that HDA can arrange the most adequate inspection, we would need a copy of the description of the unit you purchased (specifications and floor plans).


Most of the Real Estate (RE) companies accept a simple proxy letter in order to arrange the inspection in your name which will be provided by HDA.  However, if the RE company asks for a Power of Attorney, this will be paid by the client.

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