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Hidden vice inspection

In Mexico by law the real estate developer needs to provide at least 1 year warranty for hidden defects on newly built and delivered units. At the moment of the delivery of your new home, you must receive all guarantee information, including deadlines.

The best timing to schedule a hidden vice inspection is 2-4 weeks before the end of the warranty period.


We will perform 2 inspections in order to complete the service. First we arrange a visit to your unit to review every detail caused by hidden defects and mark them on a written and photographic list, which will be sent both to you and to the developers. We will coordinate with the representative of the developer the fixings of your unit and once they confirm that all issues have been attended, we will proceed with a second inspection to confirm. You will receive the report after the second visit as well. 

If you purchased your unit for rental purposes and you are not staying in the area throughout the year, this is a very handy service as you won´t need to travel to Mexico just to inspect your home, we arrange it for you!

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