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Turn-key & Post-delivery services

Once you've hired us for any unit inspection, we will assist you during the post-delivery period without any extra fee.

All we need to do is set up a personal or virtual meeting to mark your needs. Based on that meeting, we will contact you with the different providers and/or send you the corresponding offers for furnishings, fixing, or remodeling. Basically, we will guide you through any service that a new homeowner needs to set up his/her unit. 


List of services:

  • legal service (contracts, unit title, migratory paperwork, etc.)

  • interior design and turn-key services

  • mosquito screens and window film installation

  • pool and jacuzzi installation

  • hurricane shutters

  • water filtration system

  • solar panel installation

  • general maintenance

  • construction work

  • fumigation services

  • temporary management services (cleaning and ventilation packages)

*We would charge a basic fee if you need us to receive the providers in your unit for installations or final setup.


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